WR Open Finals Preview Built For This vs Liquid Pro-Am

Built For This storms into the WR Open Finals hoping to continue their winning ways and emerge victorious once more as they take on Liquid Pro-Am. To make this happen, Mooch must be efficacious from the field over the course of the series so that Jarsity struggles to slow him down on the defensive end. Additionally, he must facilitate effectively and eliminate any lapses offensively to not allow Liquid Pro-Am to convert those mistakes into fast-break points. Lastly, Icyy must rise to the challenge defensively and stifle Antoinelove to keep him from finding his flow from start to finish. If Mooch can light up the scoreboard while Icyy creates pandemonium on defense, Built For This will win the series and become WR Open champions.

Liquid Pro-Am prepares for the WR Open Finals hoping that they will be able to gain the upper hand at series end and knock off Built For This. For this to occur, Antoine has no choice but to be prolific from the field for the full length of the series to ensure a demoralizing assignment for Icyy on the defensive side of the ball. Next, he has an obligation to favorably facilitate and do away with any flaws on the offensive side. Lastly, Jarsity has got to meet the standard defensively and suffocate Mooch during the span of the series in order to keep him from finding his niche offensively. If Liquid Pro-Am executes on both ends of the floor, they will emerge victorious. 

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