WR Finals Preview: Bright Lights vs Liquid Pro-Am

Bright Lights heads into the WR Season 80 Finals hot on the heels of a victory versus No Look. To come out on top and win the series, Vandi has no choice but to be dynamic from the field from start to finish to ensure a harrowing challenge for Jarsity on the defensive side of the ball. In addition, he has to facilitate effectively and limit his miscues offensively to not allow the opposition to convert those turnovers into points. Over and above that, Kaze is obligated to lead the charge on the defensive end of the floor and thwart Antoinelove so that he struggles to find his niche offensively over the course of the series. If Vandi lights up the scoreboard and Kaze wreaks havoc defensively, they claim the series and become WR champions.

Liquid Pro-Am storms into this series looking to continue their dominance and knock off Bright Lights. For this to occur, Antoinelove has a duty to be proficient from the field through the duration of the series to make sure of a demoralizing task on defense for Kaze. Moreover, he must constructively facilitate and eliminate any offensive woes to not allow Bright Lights to convert those turnovers into fast-break points. In the end, Jarsity must rise to the occasion on the defensive side and stifle Vandi so that he struggles to find his flow on offense all the way through the series. If Liquid Pro-Am executes on both sides of the ball, they win the series as well as the WR Playoffs.

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