WR Playoffs Recap: Built For This vs Spicy Boyz

Built For This 

PG: Mooch

SG: TreyDollaz 

SF: IcyyTheGoat

PF: Dtrick 

C: Cantguardrob

Spicy Boyz

PG: Dvnxsty

SG: Tutak

SF: Zayy

PF: Jboolin

C: Hoff

Game One: Built For This defeats Spicy Boyz 66-51

Game Two: Built For This defeats Spicy Boyz 80-77

Keys To The Series

Trey Dollaz was spectacular from the field throughout game one as several defensive woes proved costly for Spicy Boyz throughout game one. He collected 19 points shooting a solid 66 percent from the field while leading Built for this to the victory.

Mooch was ineffective from the field as Zayy did a magnificent job containing him on the defensive side of the ball. He gathered an underwhelming 3 points, shooting 14 percent from the field.

Dvnsxty was inefficient from the field as Icyy did a great job stifling him over the course of game one. He brought in 11 points, shooting a disappointing 36 percent from the field.

Tutak was productive from the field all through the game as Built For This struggled to find an answer for him on the defensive side of the ball. He accumulated 20 points, shooting a commendable 61 percent from the field. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough as stagnant offense and occasional turnovers proved costly in this game.

Built For This did an adequate job of forcing turnovers throughout, occasionally converting those turnovers into fast-break points.

Built For This started fast in game one, outscoring Spicy Boyz 21-10 in the first quarter. From then on, they never looked back as they went on to win the game and take a commanding 1-0 series lead.

In game two, Mooch was magnificent from start to finish as Zay couldn’t find an answer for him defensively. He stockpiled 20 points, shooting a quality 66 percent from the field. He did a tremendous job facilitating and limiting his blunders.

Dvnxsty was favorable from the field as IcyyTheGoat struggled to limit his production from beginning to end. He stockpiled 26 points, shooting 64 percent from the field.

Tutak was incredible from the field across game two as several misfortunes on the defensive end for Built for This narrowly was the thorn in the side for the team. He racked up 30 points shooting 62 percent from the field. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough as the slow start on offense was the difference in game two, with Spicy Boyz falling in a tightly contested game.

Spicy Boyz did a fine job creating turnovers, frequently converting those turnovers into points.

Despite a dominant fourth quarter during game two, outscoring BFT 32-18, it wasn’t enough as Spicy Boyz was eliminated from the WR Playoffs.

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