WR Open Preview Bodega Cats GC vs Undisputed

Bodega Cats GC heads into the sweet 16 of the WR Open hoping to carry their momentum forward and pick up another series win versus Undisputed. To achieve this, Unguardable has to be prolific from the field over the course of the series to be sure to give Streetz a demoralizing assignment on the defensive end. Furthermore, he must constructively facilitate and minimize his offensive lapses to not allow Undisputed to convert those turnovers into transition points. Lastly, Dawsix is required to make the grade defensively and hinder Antoine to make sure that he struggles to find his flow from the beginning of the series until the end. If Bodega Cats GC can capitalize on these things, they will have no issue claiming the series win.

Undisputed storms into their upcoming Sweet 16 matchup looking to make some waves as a team and knock off  Bodega Cats GC. For this to happen, Antoine must be dominant from the field throughout the series to guarantee Dawsix a harrowing assignment on the defensive side of the ball. To add to this, he must effectively facilitate and limit his shortcomings on the offensive end to not allow the opposition extra opportunities to put points on the board. Lastly, Streetz needs to rise to the occasion and smother Unguardable to ensure that he cannot find his niche throughout. If Antoine lights up the scoreboard, and Streetz comes through with flying colors on defense, Undisputed claims the upset and moves forward to the next round.

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